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Amblyopia is more commonly known as Lazy Eye. Lazy Eye or Amblyopia is an eye condition characterized by reduced vision, which cannot be corrected by glasses or contact lenses. Amblyopia is not caused by any eye disease. In this condition, the brain does not fully acknowledge the images seen by the Amblyopic Eye. Amblyopic almost always affects only one eye but in some instances may manifest itself with reduced vision in both eyes. The majority of Lazy Eye sufferers are young children. Amblyopia tends to occur most often during the first years of life when eye sight is still developing.
Both eyes must receive clear images during the critical early developmental period of eyesight (birth to six year). Anything that interferes with clear vision in either eye during this critical time can result in Amblyopia. The most common causes of Amblyopia are as follows:

  • constant Atrabismus (constant turn of one eye)

  • Anisometropia (different vision/prescriptions in each eye)

  • blockage of an eye due to trauma

  • lid droop

Amblyopia is a neurological condition brought on by any one or more of the above causes. The brain will start to suppress or block the weak eye and this inhibition process can result in a permanent decrease in the vision in that eye that can not be corrected with glasses, lenses, or lasik surgery. Much of the time parents and children can be completely unaware of this condition, thus allowing the condition to continue to progress causing irreversible damage to occur.