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Dr. Eduardo Castro Sittenfeld
Restorative Dentistry

• Doctor in dental science(D.D.S.) since 1978.
• Costa Rica Dental ass.member since 1980.
• Dentist of U.S. Peace Corps since 1985.
• Listed Dentist for U.S. Embassy members.
• Member of Costa Rica Dental Association.
• Dental Council of Dole Fruit. Co.
• Has participared in several seminars
Graduate in Dentistry, Universidad de Costa Rica, 1978.
Twenty three years of experience in Restorative Dentistry.
Member of the Costa Rican Dental Association.
Member of the International Pierre Fauchard Academy.
Member of the Costa Rican Association of Orthodontics.
Dentist listed by the United States Embassy.
Dentist of the Peace Corps [email protected]
Dental Advisor for Dole Fruit Company.
More than 40 meetings in Costa Rica, USA, South America and Europe.